KMPAA Academy classes aim to foster the love of all types of dance! The Academy offers excellence in technique while maintaining a fun and positive learning environment. Classes are organised by age and prior experience, and are available to a wide range of students - from beginners just starting out their dance journey, to advanced and seasoned performers looking to extend their technique and artistry.



Classical Ballet is the foundation of dance, and is needed to strengthen technique for any style. At KMPAA, both syllabus classes (Royal Academy of Dance) and open classes are offered weekly.

Open classical ballet classes are offered for all levels and ages, and offer unset barre, centre, allegro and pointe work. The classes are both fun in their open structure, and challenging as new exercises are learned every week. There are many benefits from taking open classes, including developing memory, creativity, variety of technique, and focus.

The Royal Academy Of Dance (RAD) classes offer a structured examination syllabus. The RAD is the world’s leading organization in classical ballet training and has been designed carefully to compliment the young student’s growing body. The syllabus focuses on developing posture, coordination, rhythm, musicality and expression, as well as promoting self discipline and boosting confidence. The students also learn character work in these classes such as Hungarian, Polish and Russian styles of dance. At KMPAA, exams are held in July/August for Vocational students and October/November for graded students. To be eligible to sit an exam students must take a minimum of two ballet classes a week.


We love our tiny dancers at KMPAA! The joy of moving to music appears early in children, and we cherish the opportunity to foster a love for the magical world of dance! Tiny dance classes are all about fun and fantasy, while introducing some of the fundamentals of dance like basic coordination of arms and legs, marching and skipping to the beat, pointed toes, poise and posture, and most importantly: creative expression to music. A variety of prop, class structures and styles of music are used to keep little minds and hearts engaged.

Our tiny dancers have the opportunity to perform in beautiful costumes at the end of year concert on the big stage, an experience that they all love and will remain with them for a lifetime.


Jazz is an energy filled class, and is a great choice for those who dance as a recreational sport. Classes consists of warm-up, and then combinations consisting of kicks, turns and leaps. A short dance combination is also taught at the end of class so that students are able to learn the concept of joining different jazz steps together.

The benefits of jazz class include cardiovascular fitness, increase in coordination, flexibility and strength.

Students are taught a wide variety of jazz styles ranging from theatrical Broadway, to current commercial jazz styles.


Acrobatics is the spectacular art of strength, control, tumbling and contortion and develops great confidence in students as they master new and exciting positions and feats. The famous Cirque du Soleil is a perfect example of the kind of acrobatic work students will aspire to achieve.

KMPAA acrobatics classes explore these elements in a safe & supervised environment. Student of all ages are guides through the elements: cartwheels, balances, splits, tumbles, aerial work, contortion, box and prop work, combination tricks and partner work.


KMPAA specialises in innovative and boundary pushing lyrical choreography, combining classical ballet technique and lines, contemporary movement quality and creativity, and the agility and control that is developed in stretch and conditioning class. Select students are chosen to yearly to compete as KMPAA lyrical troupe members, both locally and interstate.

Turns and Leaps classes focus on the technique of multiple turning combinations, as well height, agility and movement quality in leaps. These skills are essential to progress in lyrical and jazz styles and are considered as integral to the training.


Hip Hop focuses on rhythm, syncopation and stage presence. Derived from a combination of jazz funk and street jazz, this style of dance requires high energy, is great for fitness and is a lot of fun.

Classes are structured to include a warm-up which concentrates on building stamina, improving strength and flexibility, body conditioning and rhythm isolations.  Class focuses on building a foundation of hip-hop movements, across the floor exercises and short combinations to today’s popular music.


Contemporary dance developed during the mid twentieth century and has since grown to become one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world. Contemporary dance draws on both classical ballet and modern dance techniques.

At KMPAA, contemporary classes draw on a range of methods and techniques including: Graham, Cunningham, Limon, Horton and release technique. Improvisation and composition techniques are also explored, allowing students to work both individually and as a team to create their own movement phases and pieces.

Contemporary classes increase strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. These classes are a lot of fun for dancers of all ages.


Stretching and conditioning exercises are considered integral to all styles of dance at KMPAA as they enhance the quality and range of movement in students immeasurably.

All students are encouraged to take up the classes offered, including, but not limited to: yoga, pilates, floor barre, Progressing Ballet Technique and EBAS.


At KMPAA you’re never too old to take up ballet classes!

Our Tuesday evening class is offered to any adults, at a beginner level, for those wishing to experience the beauty, art and strength of ballet in a relaxed environment.

Both enrolment, and pay-as-you-go options are available.